Order a pilot at IJmuiden-Amsterdam

Ordering a pilot at IJmuiden-Amsterdam

Vessels with a draught >14.1 mtr must send ETA 24 & 8 hours before arriving at position 52-30’N 003-50’E. All other vessels must send ETA 6 hours before arrival at Racon-buoy and should confirm the ETA 3 hours and 1 hour before. Deviations of more than ½ hour must be reported. ETD messages Amsterdam-IJmuiden area must be sent at least 4 hours before departure.

ETA’s to be sent to Amsterdam Pilots, direct, or via IJmuiden Approach on VHF 07. As early as possible ships should make contact on VHF 07 for confirming their ETA and for berthing orders, the locking process and other information. All communications to transfer a pilot by helicopter will be via IJmuiden Port Control on VHF 61.

All ETD’s to be sent to Amsterdam Pilots, direct, or via Amsterdam Port Control on VHF 68.
Tel: +31 (0)255 56 4500

Contents of ETA message:
A: Ship’s name and call sign
B: Port/Berth of destination
C: ETA at Racon-buoy for draft ≤14.1 mtr.
     ETA at 52-30’N 003-50’E for draft > 14.1 mtr.
D: Deepest draught
E: Length Over All and GT
F: IMO number

Non-compliance with these regulations might cause delay and/or extra costs to your vessel.